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A Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Beverly Russell took her training at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, under the distinguished Dean, and Founder of Veriditas the Labyrinth Project, Dr. Lauren Artress (author of Walking the Sacred Path.)

Dr. Russell has given the Vision Walk workshop in many locations in the US. She is available for consultations on how to conduct labyrinth workshops.

The Vision Walk is a powerful enrichment workshop you can use as a tool for self-development, problem solving and a way of finding increased serenity in today's uncertain times.

It is a learning experience in which the participant is given a unique opportunity to walk the labyrinth, a winding spiral path laid out before them.

The meditative Vision Walk, to the center of the continuous circular path and back, invokes the intuitive right brain response. The action clears and calms the mind, and promotes creative thinking and original ideas. 

The labyrinth is found in many different cultures and religions around the world, dating back five thousand years. After 300 years of dormancy in western culture it is being rediscovered. 

The Vision Walk can be utilized in many situations for beneficial results by:

  • Corporations and Organizations in search of ideas to stimulate change, for team building and to improve morale.

  • Health Spas to help guests unwind and gather inner strength and vitality.

  • Medical Clinics and Hospitals for patients, family members and caregivers needing spiritual and mental support.

  • Communities and Neighborhoods in reaction to, or in honor of, times of loss or emergency, to generate feelings of peacefulness and hope.

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Labyrinth Walks: Indoors and Outdoors

A new way of solving problems.

JJ Falk

JJ Falk Design

New York, NY

Totally surprising, a wonderful calming experience.

Bonnie Sachs

Bonnie Sachs Studio

Los Angeles, CA

A helpful tool for team building and ideas.

Diane Barnes

HBF Furniture

New York, NY

Very insightful. It will be part of my routine to share with my staff.

Christine Rohde

Interior Designer

Santa Monica, CA

New thinking.

Jon Otis

Pratt Institute

New York, NY

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