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Lines on Aging weaves good humor and a dose of strength in her investigation of the process of aging. Her artfully chosen threads of text inspire my heart to courage in this consideration of death—for what else is there to face in life, really, but that conscious realization of the mortality of our physical selves. A great sense of beauty (interspersed by good laughs) pervades Lines on Aging: each text is deepened by the ephemeral light of the gorgeous adjacent images of Barry Michlin. This book asks us to consider joy in the face of it all—the aches and fears and falls—and will nourish the soul.

Rebecca Peterson, MA

Beverly Russell's Lines on Aging is a wonderful reminder that aging and death will occur and that we might as well accept it with fearlessness and make the best of it. In fact, she reminds us, it is a time to nourish the divine attributes of our souls regardless of what issues the physical body must face. Accepting the aging process with grace and dying consciously are spiritual practices of our times.

Patricia Feldman de Gonzlález

Co-Founder, The Wellness Institute

of San Miguel de Allende


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What people are saying about Lines on Aging...

"A refreshing experience for the spiritBarry's wonderful images, the quotationsimagine even Agatha Christie! I loved it"

James Goodwin

"Right at a perfect time! The cover opens a lovely choice of poems and thoughts about life... essays in perspective..."

Dr. Adele Scheele

"Ruminated for some time on a number of the home truths it contained. The photographs are also to intrigue and ponder..."

Jo Carmen, CID, IIDA




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