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A unique card pack, Ask the Flowers was invented, developed and published by Beverly Russell Enterprises with graphic collaboration from Gillian Redfern Rones, this "garden tarot" works like an oracle to interpret your day-to-day moods, and guide your actions.

Flowers possess the most magical qualities of beauty, color, shape, texture and perfume ever created on earth. The power that provides this amazing gift to you, offers you a golden opportunity to elicit messages from the flowers. Getting to know your favorite flowers and their meaning will enhance the pleasure in your life and help to fulfill your most private dreams.

A new scientific study shows how flowers affect the psyche, and help to uplift the spirits. Psychologists understand that your relationship with different flowers reveals your deepest personal feelings and needs. 

Ask the flowers to sense your moods.   Use the flower cards like a Garden Tarot to help you match your moods and give you guidance on how to live your life.  Pick one of the example cards below to see how the Ask the Flowers works for you.


Photo by Barry Michlin


Photo by Sunday Hendickson


Photo by Barry Michlin

Each box includes 36 cards, each with a different flower and a unique interpretation in the companion booklet. 

Ask the Flowers card packs are available for $13.95; order through www.benjaminbeardwood.com. 


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