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A modern day “Aesop's” fable, Kundun the Golden Cat is a story for children of all ages, in step with the new values of our times. It is attuned to “giving” rather than “getting,” and tells of the happiness and pleasure that result when possessions are shared.

In the tradition of other lovable story-book animals—Babar, Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, and Pooh Bear—the tale is co-authored by Beverly Russell and Benjamin Beardwood, with illustrations by Sushiela.

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What people are saying about Kundun the Golden Cat...

“A charmer…Buoyant with wisdom and hope.”

– Paula Rice Jackson
Executive Vice President
United Nations Association, New York City

“Children and adults will be fascinated by Kundun the Golden Cat.”

– Marilyn Gadinsky
Executive Board Member
Miami Children’s Museum

“Truly magical…will appeal to children of all ages and a fine gift for adults too.”

– Adrian Ross

Chairman of the Board, Centro Infantil San Pablo
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“Charming… The Kundun story with its messages of friendship, sharing and generosity will be enjoyed by children in many countries.”

– Shirley Rodwell, MBE

Trustee, The Westminster Society

London, UK

“A delightfully happy read. A wonderful theme to teach children and... very appealing to parents who want to teach values in an entertaining way.”

– Mei Lee Ney

Investment Advisor

San Marino, CA

“I hope it attracts a wide audience, wiser for having read it.”

– Laura Reuther

Metaphysical Healer

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“The joys of giving across boundaries. Loved the book, loved the illustrations and the whole concept and feel of it.”

– Nayana Currimbhoy

Novelist, Author of “Indira Gandhi”

New York, NY and Mumbai, India

“The artwork is wonderful.”

– Deborah Copelan

Travel Executive

New Paltz, NY

“An absolute delightful and joyful book.”

– Ruth Lynford

Architect, Advocate

New York, NY

“I love Kundun meeting all the animals and making friends using his techie goodies. And Tibirico is a heart throb.”

– Karin Tetlow

Acupuncturist, Writer

Philadelphia, PA

“..adorable Kundun. I shall show it to all my Mad About Cats friends. The photos are marvelous.”

– Paula Rice Jackson

Executive, Writer

New York, NY

“The book IS lovely.”

– Shirley Barnett

Foundation Official

London, UK

“…delightful book.”

– Louise Murphy

Former Art Teacher


“…incredible story… tender and enlightening…”

– Elizabeth De Vries Ridgeway

Astrological Counselor, Magazine Columnist

Venice, CA


– Jeannie Schnakenberg

Community Church Board Member

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“What a marvelous story. Quite a yarn and a good one, with a fine message. Terrific.”

– Barbara Tober

Chairman Emeritus, Museum of Arts and Design

New York, NY

“What a special volume. A story for our time…”

– Rachel Fletcher

Community Advocate, Geometer

Great Barrington, MA

“…charming book. Hope its message reaches lots of lots of children, as well as adults.”

– Ann Riley

Concert Musician

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


– Dianne Kushner

Proprietor, Casa Luna

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“Brava! The book is beautiful, especially as it embraces East and West, with charming illustrations and nicely readable text.”

– Jon Naar

Photographer, Author, Ecologist

Trenton, NY

“The Adventures of Kundun is a charming story, beautifully written and illustrated. The writing made me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. It is definitely for grown-ups too. It’s easy to fall in love with the Golden Cat.”

– Astrid Fitzgerald

Artist, Author

Kerhonksen, NY




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